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Available for half day or full day rentals. Must be 21+ to rent and operate. Anyone can be a passenger. Boating license may be required based on age of operator. Inshore only.

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We can't wait to have you aboard! Chill out in a nice spot or take your own private cruise.  With this kind of freedom, the possibilities are endless.

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Boating Experience Required

A qualified operator will have operated a similar-in-length and similar-in-power boat on tidal and navigable waters (non-lake) safely and properly on a consistent basis for at least the 2 prior years with thorough navigational and operational knowledge and experience. If a customer arrives and is unable to prove they’re qualified the rental cost is not refunded.


Florida Safe Boating Requirements

If you were born on or after Jan 1, 1988, Florida law requires you to have a boating license to operate a powered vessel. You can save time by getting your boating license before you arrive at Feet Wet Adventures. BoatTests101 offers an online temporary certification that lasts 90 days. The course takes about 30 minutes and costs $9.